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About the author, John Norseman:

After a traumatic and emotionally abusive childhood, John went on to become CEO of four major companies. In doing so, he not only gained the respect of others, but also re-built his self-esteem and self-confidence. In 2007 he acknowledged he was a practical intuitive and decided to change his life, leave the corporate high rises, and acknowledge his destiny by both realizing his spirituality, and finally becoming a practicing shaman, providing spiritual healing, guidance and teaching.

About the book, Journey of a Shaman.

This book will help people to change their lives to be whatever they wish it to be. John wrote his autobiography in order to show others how he realized his dreams, overcoming many obstacles on the way.

There are many messages in the book, for people of all ages, that give practical advice, motivation and inspiration on the path to self-actualization.

The messages include:

  • How to change one’s life to be what one would like it to be
  • How to overcome the effects of being abused mentally or physically
  • How to say NO and mean it , putting out the vibration that frees oneself from unwanted control by others
  • How to close one door before opening another
  • How to turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Facing one’s fears head on
  • Forgiveness, (forgive, bless, thank, send love from the heart)
  • Follow your heart instead of your head
  • Go with the flow, (Don’t push on a closed door, don’t swim against the tide, if the flow is against you then listen to your intuition and change course)
  • How to achieve anything one wants by removing the blocks in one’s own mind
  • Relationships
  • The power of Love


Customer 5-star Review Journey of a Shaman on Amazon.com June 18, 2016

Verified Customer:

“John’s story was inspiring. It opened my eyes to my own emotions that I was ignoring.
It made me realize I needed to let go of old feelings that no longer serve me. His writing will captivate your time.
Before you know it the book is finished and you just want more. Not only is it a self help book, it is very entertaining as well.
Keeps you hooked until you’re done reading the entire book. Thank you John Norseman for opening my eyes to see more.”